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Thursday, February 14, 2008



People preyed for a solution to their debt, and payday loans came along. Remember the story about the guy who was stuck on his house in a flood?

No Fax Payday Loans

I heard different stories from people who used payday loans as their alternative when they experience shortage of budget. I've only worked for cash Advance Company for about 2 months, though I've already had a client that not only made a huge impact on my job, but also showed me the importance of cheap payday loans. One good thing about no fax payday loans is that you can sign up in the comfort of your home. A payroll advance lender can conveniently deposit funds directly into your current bank account and even take your payments automatically from that same account. That way, you can be out of town and still be able to receive money. With extra money from a low fee payday loan during a time of need, you can have less worry. For more information regarding payday loans, just visit this site:

Online Loan Review

This subject IS very ironic. But it seems that Payday loan centers are coming under more and more scrutiny. Let's hope so.


People preyed for a solution to their debt, and payday loans came along. Remember the story about the guy who was stuck on his house in a flood? A guy came along in a boat and asked him if he would like a ride, and he said that God was going to save him. Then a helicopter came along, and he said no thanks, God was going to save him. Someone else comes along and he denies their help too, and dies. Then he asks God, "Why didn't you save me?" God says, "I sent three people!" Why are we complaining about the help that God has sent?

James Smith

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I wish there were a lot less of these payday advance, title loan, and whatever else they call themselves operations. They're predators and parasites.

I think that the areas with the highest concentrations of these businesses are also poor areas. I'm positive that's the reason for their popularity in the Deep South. I was surprised that these payday loansharks are also popular in the Southwest. It's aggravating that these types of businesses that take advantage of poor people concentrate and thrive in poor areas.

I've noticed another similar problem. Many communities that host a large military base have a lot of pawn shops. Add in a large number of used car lots and a lot of adult entertainment/strip clubs and you have a whole little world off base ready to just suck the money out of the young enlisted servicemembers wallets.

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