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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Michael Roberts of

Is Franklin Seegers barred from using the Internet? I have helped a few client who have been harassed online by people behind bars.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Roberts
internet Libel Victim's Advocate

Marc J. Randazza

Almost as effective as Reputation Defendurrrrrrr.....


I find myself wondering if it's a pseudo-clever ploy on the part of the plaintiff to discredit the blogger. "See? Only a vicious criminal would say anything bad about us!"

This name withheld to protect the innocent

Roberts - did you actually read any of the information about this case? The blog is very clearly not the work of a jailed drug lord, whom I doubt has used his time behind bars to bone up on complex financial and commercial fraud issues (or French, for that matter). This situation couldn't be farther from the cases you're alluding to. And I'd hesitate to hire a lawyer who couldn't tell the difference.

This name withheld to protect the innocent

So, Adaptive either thought they were uncovering in this filing a blogger who preferred to remain anonymous (in which case, they - or more likely their lawyers - really didn't do their homework) or they didn't care and thought they'd landed on a good way to bow out and save face (in which case, they've dragged in the "real" Franklin Seegers and his home address unnecessarily). Adaptive Marketing: malicious, stupid, or both?

Paul Levy

Ill be out of the country until July 6. I will have only sporadic email access while I am away, even when I CAN get online I do not plan to respond to anything other than emergencies. I will check email and reply when I come home.

If this is a real emergency, and you want to be sure I get the message, contact Marybeth Stiles, She will have the best information about how to reach me.

Ill be back in the office by July 2, and perhaps a day earlier.

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