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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


football news

The MLS will never be the NBA, they have to start thinking about the league performance and the soccer player abilities rather than law, marketing and advertising stuff. The US have to become a real soccer nation.

Account Deleted

Copyright/trademark infringement is illegal. Strategic ambush marketing is not.

Rather than whinge about Black & Decker, how about Makita does some really amazing leverage? Why don't they get involved with those fans in a big way? Why don't they add value and showcase their alignment? From the looks of it, Makita's involvement with MLS follows a pretty standard 3rd Generation path, so there is plenty of scope for shifting to 4th Generation - best practice.

When it comes right down to it, no law is going to protect a sponsor from strategic ambush. If the sponsor doesn't fully leverage the sponsorship, their returns won't be great and it leaves them wide open to ambush. Their best defense is a good offense. They need to leverage their sponsorships so there is no room for an ambusher to get traction.

You may be interested in my take on why ambush marketing legislation will never work (and what will).

Kim Skildum-Reid
Power Sponsorship
Author, The Ambush Marketing Toolkit



I don't know Paul ?

Initial interest confusion as to affiliation and sponsorship.

But, a simple eviction from the property may have been more fitting.

Why did they give out anything but B&D logo items ?

On surface, there appears a desire of affiliation ?

Perhaps a big banner disclaimer with a link to Makita and MLS ?


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