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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Jake Bronson

Ha Ha, Trish. Save-A-Pet is not a Fortune 500 company, it is a donation supported non profit.


So, JD, what are the doing "over there?" What is the "truth" you think donors should know?

It's easy to make empty statements like you have, without any substance to back it up.

I have been in marketing and social media in Fortune 500 companies for years and having a policy in which employees and volunteers cannot post “any comment or picture” about an “employee, volunteer or client” (of Save-A-Pet) without their consent is standard practice in most companies today.


This is an excellent way to keep good volunteers away. There are so many other rescues to volunteer for these days. Only the animals at SAV suffer.


This just shows how completely ignorant the Board at Save-A-Pet is. And one of the Board members is an "ATTORNEY"! They do not want donors to know the truth! And they throw out those who speak the truth about what they are doing over there.

Bongo Jim

If the volunteer criticized Save-a-Pet on facebook what would Save-a-Pet's remedy be? Sure, it could cut off ties with the volunteer, but it could always do that anyway, and, at that point, would the volunteer even care? Could Save-a-Pet get an injunction to take down the post or against future postings? And, then, of course, there's the Streisand effect.

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