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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Mike Gilmore

Professor Alderman and Mr. Friedman bring forward a critical point. "Banks" exist to serve the citizens. Of late the "sevice" has been the same as Will Rogers described when he took his cow to visit his neighbor's bull. But before seeking the measure of redress that President Andrew Jackson sought when he pulled U.S. deposits fron the Second National Bank and its head Nicholas Biddle, this writer hopes that some of the keen minds who make this blog so useful and enjoyable might speak to a more global banking issue. This writer's understanding is that some of the European banks dwarf our biggest. If we cut down our grizzlies to the size of black bears, is there a danger that the giant European "short faced bears" will take over? In other words, do our big banks represent countervailing power that must be carefully studied before exercise of government countervailing power over US banks?

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