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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Jenna Angle

i agree with your comments really great stuff...

Non profit credit counselor

Credit cards motivate people to expenditure. Holding a card and paying with it does not give the real filling one has while paying with real paper money, and the debt is growing and growing. Maybe students, and in fact some adults either should get appropriate course on about how to use credit cards.

College Students In Debt Weren't Blind

Today's generation of credit card users in college isn't any different than that which preceded it, except in the fail expectation that they would step out into an economy that would employ them at prices far higher than today's grads are getting for employment which, for the unemployed grad, it is zero dollars.

Their mistake lies in having put all eggs in one basket. Did anybody ask 'With so many high school grads going to college under government subsidy, what if this situation turns into a glut of college grads? What will this diploma earn me in a slowed down economy?' It's BASIC economics -- high school level. But wait! Bureaucrats in high school know nothing of economics, except the union bosses, of course, who keep those wages artificially high.

So who do we have to blame for all this ignorance?

Parents who delegate the most important job of their lives to nincompoops -- the training of their own children to statist drones.

Online Universities

Sounds like it would be a good idea to educate students about credit cards and loans in high school. I remember a class in my jr high learning about basic things like that...

Make Money At Home

The same is happening in the UK. With the rising cost of course fees, many students find themselves up to £30k in debt by the end of their course. They will have to pay this back over the course of their lives!

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