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Thursday, January 31, 2013



Please be accurate. The charges are not higher. Medical providers bill the same price for similar services across all payer types. It is the reimbursement that differs among payer types. Yes, the differences are large. But you can't draw valid conclusions just by looking at pricing. You have to look at reimbursements and uncompensated care, too.

Sherry Bray

I need help!! I have a daughter that has a substance addiction. She has been to a in state 30 day rehab twice. Our insureance partially pays. She recently has gotten very sick again. I called our insureance and found out where to take her for detox. They told me so we went to the site. Once getting there she was put through the intake process. she was told they could detox her, wait while we confirm it with your insureance. They came back to her and told her we can detox you as a out patient. She instantly knew this would not work. So she called a state ran detox, she was turned down because she carries health insureance. So she in turn called the rehab she has been to twice already. She was told to come in. After being there 2 days her drug dealer checked himself in. They both left the rehab in one day. she then went out and did so many mixtures of drugs she was near death. As her parents we knew we had to do something drastic. We found a well known 90 day rehab out of state and took her there. It has cost us all of our savings. My question is, our insureance refuses to help with any of the doctor charges or any of the medication because she is out of state. If we would not of put her out of state she would of been dead. The only rehab they pay partially for was the one she walked away from. She is now far enough away where dealer can not find her, and they monitor who she calls and writes. She has been there 3 weeks and she is starting to think rationally. She is very thankfull she has gotten away and is in treatment. We do not expect our insureance to pay for the recovery center, but we do feel they should help with doctors and meds. Our insureance says they will not pay any doctor out of state. Is there a way to get around this, it seems very unfair. I feel very sure if we had not removed her she would be dead. Thank you.

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