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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


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Ed Gould

The FTC doesn't seem to be stopping any of the calls I have been getting so any restriction you put on is pretty much worthless as companies will go on as te have before doing what ever they want.

J. Robb Wilson

I am so tired of the many robocalls I receive daily. Hope a solution is found,

Carol Daniels

I can hardly wait! I hate the silence and the canned voice that I have to wait for to be sure it is a robo call.

Patricia Bruno

The "do not call" list seemed to work for years until about two years ago. Not only robocalls, but contractors "doing work in your neighborhood and wondering if you're considering some improvements to your home" keep getting through. Apologize, on occasion, when reminded we're on the "do not call" list, but calls keep coming. Aren't there any penalties for what they're doing, or any kind of enforcement at all? Seems like not, since the daily interruptions are blatant and, when one simply reaches an empty line, nerve-wracking. Old wives tale - used to be that was how would-be burglars tried to see if a likely target house was empty; ring the phone and if nobody picked up, go there and break in.

Clair Touby

The mega companies and their army of lawyers all but OWN the U.S. Government. We must stand up to them:
1. Identify every ALEC member
2. Remove, impeach or vote them out of office
3. Overturn "Citizens United" ruling

Otherwise, revolutionary war is our only recourse.

Donald Ravey

For a few months it seemed like I was receiving fewer robocalls, but lately they have returned like a swarm of mosquitoes. At least I can swat or spray the mosquitoes! I agree with the commenter who points to the political aspect of this pestilence: the corporations and their lawyers have the political influence to thwart any effort that the bulk of the public may attempt to control this abomination. We have to direct our efforts at defeating the politicians who have been compromised!

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