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Wednesday, December 04, 2013



it is especially unsettling that such an electronic claim requires such private information as a class members social security number.

additionally, the phone calls they are speaking of refer to phone calls made by an automated machine when a series of transactions are flagged as "suspicious" and may be the result of identity/credit card theft. the message simply asks that you call discover as soon as possible to prevent any possible fraudulent charges.
As a class member and discover customer for about 3 years, i have received these when i travel to a place i have not previously been far from my billing zip code or spend quite a bit in multiple places in one day. i have received about 4 of these calls in all.

i worry about the effects this will have on my future status as a customer, specifically whether such calls will now be required to be made by a human, a cost that will perhaps be passed on to me? it seems that the main problem and statute provision being used against discover is that they called cell phone numbers rather than land lines, perhaps if only to benefit a consumer through as prompt as possible notification that their credit card may be being used fraudulently.

accordingly i will not be filing a claim. although i do admire that any unclaimed money will be going to charity.

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