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Friday, October 06, 2006


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It has come to our attention that you are offering Aquage products for sale on Ebay. This activity constitutes a violation of SalonQuest’s distribution policies.

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As to the case covered in the blog post, SalonQuest did not pursue the issue beyond sending threatening letters. Since then, others have complained about receiving the same or similar letters, but I have not heard of any cases where SalonQuest has taken any further action.

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These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.


It seems this whole SalonQuest / Baker Hostetler Lawfirm Letter is still going on. Is there any update on this at all?? I just got the letter from the Lawfirm after receiving the 2 emails from Patricia Urban. Has anyone been sued, or is anyone going to get sued over this ?? I've found that Baker Hostetler is famous for "Class Action" Law suites. Could they be compiling a case against EVERYONE out there for selling Aquage ?


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Patricia Urban

this happened to me too. I received two e-mails from Patricia Urban and then a letter from Barker Law Firm saying that I was violating the contracts they have with distributors and cosmetologist. I buy the products from different salons and then resell them. I do not see how I am breaking the law and if I am please someone tell me what law I'm breaking!!



I just got this same letter to the T, it is amazing how this person can write such letters and threaten people. What can we do about this? I bought multiple botls and cannot use it so i plan to sell it on E-Bay and as a Seller i am doing everything including listing the right way. Is it right that this person do the wrong thing and threaten everyone? is that not grounds for Harassment?I am not going to stop selling this product until it is sold this is SECONDARY product.

amanda Peco

The only recourse Aquage has is to track the bottles being sold back to the salon they came from and then cut off the sales to the salon. They have not pursued any lawsuits against anyone on ebay....they just keep sending threatening letters to scare any small seller who might be selling their products.
Aquage, I believe does not have the ability to track the products. You can find hundreds of them on and the whole line is being sold on the internet every day at If they could track the product or follow thru with any lawsuits, these products would have long ago been off the internet. They talk the talk, but they do not walk the walk.

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