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Sunday, January 14, 2007


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The Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI) is a lawsuit lounge where food cops and trial lawyers swap strategies to litigate away consumers' food choices.

Doc Posh from LiquidVitaminAnswers.com

I am simply elated to see this litigation come to fruition. as a wholistic doctor, I pull ALL of my patients off of any and all product that contains HFCS.

Keep the good information coming.


Doc Posch


Can someone tell me why thei stuff is in ALL our foods?
I just found out that RICE Krispies, ( snap crackle and bland) contains this...... WHY? They dont have sugar in krispies why is thuis stuff in there? Also look at Corn Flakes. Bland, and it has sugar listed as the 2nd ingredient, and also HFCS. PLEASE in is in everything, I cant get away from it. Even Bread....I dont want my kids eating this crap. And what of some who are allergic to corn? How can we get the industry to remove this?


If you take this thing one step further, not only are we eating a ton of high fructose corn syrup, we are also eating genetically modified corn syrup. This usually includes corn with a bacteria forced gene along with herbicides treated on the corn. Usually much more than that used on conventional corn. Add to that, the two bacteria types used to process the corn syrup, both of which are also genetically engineered. It is no wonder more and more of us are looking for sugar as opposed to hfcs.

Chem major

Too bad Kraft didn't do the right thing -- remove the HFCS with something more natural and less evil towards the body.

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