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Sunday, January 21, 2007


tv bracket

If you are regular person like me, checking our credit score regularly would be wise thing to do as I myself still need to make some feasible short time loans occasionally. Good score would help to make sure that we can get such loans at most competitive charges & interests.

credit rating

I like how they introduce it:
>It's not your salary. It's not your savings account balance. It's not even the price of the house.
Credit score then takes in to account much more info right?

Christine Czedik

Dear Mr. Wolfman:

I enjoyed your article "Know Your Credit Score." I recently got a copy of my credit report after an eye opening experience I had with The Hartford. Below is an account of that experience. If you haven't done an article about the sleezy practices insurance companies are using to increase our premiums, I am sure your readers would appreciate it. I know I am glad to be aware of it and have taken an entirely different attitude toward insurance companies.

I am appalled that the car insurance industry is allowed, by law, to use highly questionable tactics to increase our car insurance premiums.

I got a quote from The Hartford, for car insurance, and was shocked to discover an Adverse Action Notice in the paperwork I received. The information was completely false and not related to me, or so I thought. I quickly composed a lengthy letter to them stating that I have excellent credit, gave them a copy of my credit report and sent back the quote. A representative called me today to explain the Adverse Action Notice, reassure me that I have excellent credit, and to tell me what the notice REALLY means - which is not at all what it says.

Are you aware that opening just one credit card in the last three years is a mark against you? (zero is optimal) You may never use it, but the fact that you opened it is a strike against you. And, if you live in Florida, the benchmark for “good credit standing” is a 40-year history. Anything less than that has a negative affect on you and can (and probably will) increase your car insurance premium. 40 years - are they serious? The most shocking is that if you use your credit cards (revolving credit) and charge even 1% of your total credit limit, they consider it “high use” and can (and probably will) bump up your premium. Example: $77 charged on a credit limit of $7700. Total insanity!!!!

This is unbelievable! The Hartford and the entire insurance industry are out of control! Consumers have no protection or rights anymore. It is irresponsible of this company to use these practices to increase premiums and call us high risk consumers. It is a total SCAM! Why are they allowed to do this? Our government should be protecting us.

I never knew this was happening, but I know now and I am fighting mad.

Our elected officials need to take action against these practices. I would like to know what law allows these practices and what we can do to make these practices against the law.

Christine Czedik

Credit Score

Its very important to always monitor your credit. There are way to improve your credit. Find out how at

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