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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Debt Negotiation Settlement

Try to convince an american to give up on their credit card. Impossible.

arizona auto insurance company

Credit card companies charge exorbitant interest rates but change the rules as they go. At some point people need to halt the use of credit cards, other than for major purchases.

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Credit card companies are now cutting the amount of credit they had previously approved people for. In a recent article, one lady had $14k in credit lowered to $6k without any warning. It's high time american's drop the boom on credit card companies and limit their use. They do more harm than good.

Credit Help

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I just found out that home depot signed me up for a service on my credit card taht i never approved. Since 2004 they have been charging me one a month 25-50 dollers. Let do the math on how much they have prety much taken advantage of me as a consumer. Read the fine print people. I have no clue in ths circumstance what my rights are. They mailed me a paper claimng it was a copy of my signature requesting the service. Problem was it wasnt my signature and my name was spelled wrong. What a scam!!


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Don't be a victim. Stop credit card debt now. We can help.

Sofia Kim

Credit card debt is on its all time high with today's economy. Hopefully people can obtain the help they need to get out of debt.

Debt Collection Review

Consumers need to know that they have rights and that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has teeth that helps consumers who are being harassed.

Debt Collection Review

Consumers need to know that they have rights and that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has teeth that helps consumers who are being harassed.


The credit card companies only look out for one thing, themselves. IF it is not in their best interest they are not interested. What we as consumers need to learn is to think the same way. If it is not in our best interest then do not accept or agree to it. Debt settlement is one of the many ways to help yourself get out of debt in a shorter amount of time for less then what you owed. Yes it affects your credit, but if you are looking at debt settlement, most likely your credit score is not excellent anyway. All creditors want is to get paid and if you are behind on the account or accounts they usually are pretty willing to work with you or a company you have hired. I am in the industry and have seen it work first hand for thousands of our clients. If debt settlement is not for you their are other options, like debt roll down, and validation and even CCCS. Like I always say if you do the research you will find the right program for you.

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Government need to strictly regulate this credit card companies. Their good performance and also naughty tricks can hurt the consumers might affect the economy. I heard senators have started observing them. Let's hope they could come up with a better law to guard these companies as it is difficult for me not to love using credit cards.

John Gliha

Settlement is just another bank creditor scheme to steal more money from unsuspecting consumers. They charge an outrageous 15% of your total debt. They don't tell you that a growing number of creditors such as Citibank and Discover won't even accept a settlement offer. They also don't tell you that the unpaid balances become taxable as imputed income. Then IF you complete the settlement program, you have no cash left, no credit, suffer through thousands of collection calls and in the end, your net worth is worse than when you began.

Blowing the Whistle on Credit Card Debt


My name is Joe and I can"t tell how many people get screwed over daily by the credit card companys.I have been working with this company who has helped 1000's of people to gain control of there debt.Credit card companys will always tell you that they will not work with debt settlers because they want you to pay all of the intrest, over limit, and late fee's. I am almost out of debt thanks to Mr. Sellers. If anyone needs help just check them out for yourself at


Excellent point, Steve.

Steve "The Debt Reduction Man" B

One thing you forgot to mention is the dreaded Universal Default Clause this will allow your creditors to raise your rate even if you were never late with them. But if you were late on another credit card or open line of credit. It is the most unscrupulous practice that gets people just swamped.

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