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Saturday, September 08, 2007



It is better to prevent foreclosures as they are resulting in frauds,loss of properties and the people are facing much frustration.

Lee Matthews - Financial Concepts West

"If only lenders used their imaginations for something more constructive than end-runs around the TILA disclosure rules."

Many lenders are using their imaginations and are offering their clients a way to accelerate the equity in their home once they've provided them a mortgage:

Today’s Real Estate market means that folks can no longer count on appreciation to build home equity. Those who realize that they need to pay down their current mortgage debt are looking for alternate ways to aggressively (yet safely) build equity.

And they've discovered a perfect online system to do that; they can focus on their wealth accumulation goals while accelerating their equity simply by using a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) to ‘power’ this ‘financial solutions’ program.

A typical 30 year loan (of whatever type) can be paid down in 1/3 to 1/2 the time — it's a great way to save *huge* amounts of income by eliminating a mortgage amortization front-end interest load. (On a million-plus dollar home, I've personally seen where this particular program will save the homeowner $750,000 in interest charges!)

And the best thing – homeowners don’t have to refinance their existing mortgage or make (little or no) adjustments to their lifestyle.

I’d be happy to provide further details…

ray nwam

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Besides missing the first mortgage payment that leads to the foreclosure process, the most important event during foreclosure is the sheriff sale of the property. This is the event that will effectively transfer ownership of the house from the current owners to whomever wins the auction (usually the foreclosing bank). Many homeowners are able to postpone a sheriff sale if they are working on an option to save the home, but stopping the auction numerous times may be more difficult. The homeowners, though, should take every opportunity to gain more time, even if they have realistic chance to prevent the foreclosure from taking their homes.


Hi folks - FYI, I signed up for 41pounds a few months ago and love the service. I just came back from a week in Northwest Washington -- from ancient forests to devastating clear-cuts -- and when I got home there was no junk mail! I'm thrilled to reduce my impact on the trees and rivers, not to mention my sanity.

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