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Thursday, October 11, 2007


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I strongly disagree with Bill Clinton and Franklin Roosevelt they both did wonders on this country and without them I don't know where we'd be.

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Lastly you received response from dozier.

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Lastly you received response from dozier.

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take the right measures is the best way of action in this cases.

He Sucks

I can confirm the comments of "Your Daddy" above. They are 100% true.

Your Daddy

I've heard that he is incredibly verbally abusive to his staff, and that he has a larger turn around rate than McDonald's.

Funny thing is, I've also heard that he is the one that writes all the letters, and then makes his lackeys sign them, that way he's not the one who looks like a fool.


To any potential client of the Dozier law firm, be aware that I know of past employees who say that over billing is a common practice of this little nimrod named John Dozier.


Dozier raises some good points:

John W Dozier Jr


A US District Court decided, in the first decision on the issue in the US, that lawyer cease and desist letters ARE subject to copyright protection. We have blogged on the decision. It is being covered by just about all the major news services, and our comments and a copy of the edited decision point out that the decision is right on point with our position and totally contrary to what Public Citizen has told its constituents and its "mobosphere" of constituents. Links are located at to the decision, our blog, commentary etc.

Here is the problem and how all of Public Citizen's constituents have been misled: Public Citizen hires these young lawyers right out of law school like Greg Beck, couples him with an attorney who is experienced in the politics of attack journalism but not really knowledgeable about the law of the Internet, and then lets him loose on the blogosphere with an appearance of legitimacy and authority, even though he knows very little, has very limited experience, and does not have a balanced and well reasoned approach to the legal issues of the day. Read our commentary and response to the letter from Public Citizen that started all of this, and you will see that we anticipated Public Citizen clients getting sued now without any notice (which is happening). We also explained a number of legal concepts to Public Citizen's lawyers that they apparently misunderstood.

And let's not forget that Public Citizen attacks those that are making the greatest in-roads against them and their liberal concepts of expanding free speech at great cost to businesses. We know, and I suspect they know, about the success we have in nailing the scofflaws of the web. Public Citizen and its constituents cannot stand it when one of the top bloggers in the world pulls down his blog about our client and then refuses comment. It must drive them crazy to know that of every issue they are engaged in, another 100 are flying by them on the information superhighway and that traffic is defining the policies, practices, and law of the web.

Public Citizen believes in the concept of moving ownership of assets from the business sector to the public sector. On the other hand, Dozier Internet Law believes that businesses should be able to protect, and continue rightful ownership of, their assets.

Unfortunately, in this instance Public Citizen has misled their 100,000 constituents on an important legal point, and created liability of up to $150,000 for each cease and desist their constituents post. A "recall" would be in order, which is something Ralph Nader and Public Citizen should know all about. Otherwise, Public Citizen constituents will continue to think the posting of a lawyer demand letter is legal. Ironic, isn't it, that Dozier Internet Law has to call upon Public Citizen to protect their consumers from the seemingly never ending flow of bad Public Citizen advice!


Ronald J Riley is a nutcase. He posted literally thousands of hate-filled accusations against American Express, including these comments:

"I was implying that the Amex family was inbreeding."

If I am in the mood for a bit of fun I stick the phone between my legs and pass gas.

I have the ear of tens of thousands of people in the inventor community.

"I have been kicking the tar out of NWA for about eight years and they have been totally powerless to stop me. I estimate that the negative PR has cost NWA millions of dollars.""Is it true that American Express has a breeding program where they are crossbreeding their most obnoxious and ignorant staff to produce a superior race of Amex shills?"

"I am willing to bet that all three of them can't figure out when they need to wipe unless head stooge tells them."

"I believe that this is their form of foreplay, and that they are getting ready to mate. I surmise that they are planning to produce genetically tailored offspring for American Express."

The top dogs are most full of dodo and as the dodo spreads out each successively lower tier gets covered. To be blunt, I make my living by eating CEO's lunches. I am very good at it.

The way you conduct yourself comes across as a young male with raging hormones. Either that or you have one of the worse cases of thingy envy I have ever seen in a women.

"I am a credentialed investigative journalist." This is a SMALL sample of what this idiot posted.

To see it all first-hand, just look on

There is a search function available.Here's the kicker....someone found out that his claim against American Express was completely bogus!

Ronald J Riley

We have been busy at InventorEd researching Dozier Internet Law and Inventor-Link over the past week. This is documented on and on

Be sure to revisit the above referenced web pages as we are constantly updating and expanding the material.

We are looking for a volunteer lawyer to draft ethics complaints on our behalf. We firmly feel that the attorneys at Dozier should have to explain their conduct.

Frankly I wish that more of our invention promoter adversaries would hire firms like Dozier Internet Law. I think that they are real buffoons.

Ronald J. Riley,
President - - RJR at
Executive Director - - RJR at
Senior Fellow - - RRiley at
Washington, DC
Direct (202) 318-1595 - 9 am to 9 pm EST.


It's worth noting that DirectBuy (USS Total Home) has been actively trying to keep this out of Wikipedia:

The history page for DirectBuy shows a lot of activity with a bit of back and forth between registered users and an anonymous IP of This IP traces back to USS Total Home:
From a whois lookup--
Record Type: IP Address

Sprint SPRINTLINK-BLKQ (NET-206-228-0-0-1) -
UCC Total Home FON-347108940886196 (NET-206-228-159-0-1) -

Wikipedia scanner picks this up as well.


Strange! I always thought it was dozy, dozier, doziest.

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