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Sunday, October 28, 2007



In these days of sub-prime loans and the housing market in such a downturn, many people are in danger of losing their homes. Many lenders issued adjustable loans that re-adjust periodically and many people may not have been aware of how much their payments could go up. Some of these people may now be in danger of foreclosure if they're unable to keep up with the payment increases.


Perhaps the residential loan market got themselves in a pinch due to slipshod verification practices. That is not the case universal with subprime or stated income loans and there is a commercial lending benefit to keeping this loan type alive. Financial institutions like Ocean Capital in Rhode Island maintain an up close and personal policy with the commercial lending that they do to folks trying to start a business and who may not have a portfolio substantial enough to make them attractive borrowers to the big box lenders. Sometimes, you have to purchase the gas station, auto repair shop or motel to generate revenue. Subprime commercial lending is oftentimes the only opportunity for certain new business developoment and should be retained.

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