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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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Evaluates prevention programs and identifies effective and ineffective ways to reduce drinking problems among young people, especially high school, college.

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The main danger of energy drinks is not its eventual consumption, but excessive consumption when combined with alcohol or other drugs, to make the so-called "cocktails." Which can have damaging effects on physical and mental health and can damage the central nervous system, affecting heart function and even cause death.

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We can possibly experience an allergic reaction when the two substance was mixed and it could be dangerous to our health.



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alcohol and energy drinks are very bad for your health. to be mixing these liquids your heart rate goes up a lot at a time where your body should be winding down.

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alcoholic beverages are at an all time high when dealing with energy drinks, its very bad for your health, concerning your heart rate and thinnning of blood when alcohol is involved.

Joe Holt

Great Article on Energy Drinks! I think that the drinks are being pushed on younger adults and look at the cost of them! I wanted to share with you a little about bHIP an all natural energy drink without interference from artificial caffeine, stimulants, sugar, or by-products. If you're seeking a convenient all natural method to enhance energy, performance, vitality, and mental clarity - bHIP Energy is your answer. Truly “A New Breed of Energy.” Try bHIP an all natural energy drink. If the younger generation would drink something this healthy maybe the other companies releasing the bad products would be forced into making a much better product!

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People have been mixing energy drinks and alcohol for some time. That is not going to stop. Sure it's not considered safe but being able to a stay awake and party longer is just more fun. RockStar 21 was a big gamer drink that will just be replaced by something else. I have read a few articles about parents mistakingly giving this drink to their child. That is the parents fault, not the companies. When purchasing the drink it ask for I.D. Anyone with a brain should notice that. Also it was a clearly labeled drink. There is nothing confusing about it. Yes kids were drinking them in plain site while at school, but it was not because they thought the drink was just an energy drink. NO. They just thought they could fool their teachers.

Mark Rooney

The drinking age should be lowered to 18 years old because that is what society is calling for. Society has set standards and guidelines that are not parallel. Even though an 18- year old is given the responsibility to vote, can be called in for jury duty, and can be drafted for war, they are not considered old and responsible enough to drink. It seems crazy that a person can help choose the next president, but cannot purchase alcohol. The number of alcohol related car accident deaths has decreased for the ages 18-20 since the law has been passed. This statistic takes into account the increased in drinking and driving educated, seat belt usage, and lowered speed limits. Although the number of alcohol related car accidents have decreased, the law has influenced young adults to drink more. There is a feeling of danger and uncertainty that comes with drinking under age. So even though the law has changed to not allow adults under the age of 21 to drink, it has actually influenced them to drink more.

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