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Wednesday, October 17, 2007



A thorough misunderstanding of the law! Or a blatant disregard for what is within the bounds of law... interesting regardless!

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The irony here is that almost all forms that law firms use are derived from other forms that other law firms use, which in turn... and so on, for decades, if not a couple centuries.

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Consumers who receive threats of litigation over purportedly binding contractual terms are often more likely to shut up than to bear the expense of retaining an attorney and defending their rights.


Aren't you violating their copyright by mentioning them here?

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Ha! Hilarious!

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Kind of funny that they can claim copyright for HTML code created by Adobe Go Live...

Joshua Brown

Actually, GeoDetector.com does not track individual user information, just aggregate information. It has automatic redirection based on location, but it doesn't store or associate the information with a user or cookie, etc. it tells the site owner where his visitors are coming from _statistically_ but not individually.

William Faulkner

My feelings on Dozier Law have been pretty much echoed by this article and many of the comments. Two things I would like to point out though:

1. Have you read his 'blog', I use the term loosely. He has a very low opinion of Bloggers, and I quote '..blogosphere (which by definition includes the mobosphere of miscreants and scofflaws) is unpalatable to Congress.'.

2. Although mentioned previously, the site doesn't come anywhere near validating as html - it's coding is awful. No wonder they don't want anybody actually reading it.


LOLcat readin your CODE!
(See my link)

Ronald J Riley

Everyone, check out www.CyberTrialLawyer-SUCKS.com, our new website about Dozier Internet Law. Lets see if they can get their own criticusm removed :) be sure to check out our recongition of Dozier's Super-Lawyer status and his nick name Bull.... Dozier.

Also, their client now has their very own mini-section in InventorEd's caution section.

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Luke Skywalker

You may not use the resources of my personal computer without my express permission

Your webpage has occupied some diskspace on my machine. You can expect to hear from my lawyer on this


If they believe they can hide the code... they don't know how it goes here...



I just paste their source code, print it, and i'm just going to the WC. (I did it in a very thin paper)


I think that he/she is trying to make a point with the RIAA/MPAA and the whole copyright-infringement issues..

this is what i think..

he is saying copyright-infringement due to the fact that when you View the sit it gets saved as a file(s) in your Internet temp folder.. therefore its being copied and thats called copyright-infringement

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So here's an antidote: when visiting their site do it via the following URL:


Call it an "anti-wrap agreement" and us it as a cause of action in a counter suit.

It's easy enough to find it in their server logs that you'll be able to get during discovery. And if they don't collect logs or delete/preen them, nail them for spoliation of evidence, too.

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