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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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The American Law Institute draft discussed in the Times article (which you still haven’t read, have you?) says much the same thing — that money should go to class members where feasible. Of course, “feasible” is one of those words that means different things to different folks at different times, but the test is not “possible” but rather “worth doing.”

cy pres

Thought this cy pres website link might be helpful:

Steve Gardner

I don't know how you could find the largest cy pres fund--there's no centralized reporting.

Funds generally range from low five figures to the low six, but I've seen funds that are over a million.

I myself may hold the record for the smallest fund, in a public housing utility overcharge case where we provided for cy pres distribution of any settlement money that could not be distributed to class members. Because we were so successful in distributing money to class members, the remaining cy pres was less than five bucks. It's the only time I've sent a cy pres check with an apology.

patrick perotti

how could i find out the largest cy pres fund ever distributed in one case?

thank you for your assistance.

patrick perotti

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