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Friday, November 09, 2007



I have been served an In Rem Foreclosure in Florida and I only received it by mail and only because I requested it.


david kopel

House Bill 365 Foreclosure -- in Maryland and District of Columbia -- A whole new industry just opened up !!!


Before going for foreclosure the borrower has to be clear with the following questions as they are very important to know, What kinds of notice and opportunity to contest the proceedings do homeowners get, what kinds of fees are they being charged, and how accurate are the claimed debts?


When a person is in foreclosure, they are under stress and are probably frightened and worried. They are not sure what they should do to handle their problem. When someone stops paying on their mortgage, they have already stopped paying on all of their other debts. These other debts usually include credit cards and personal loans; the mortgage is always the last thing they stop paying.

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