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Thursday, November 01, 2007



We've written an article to help explain the impacts on this regulation for fincial institutions:

Jenette Mitchell

There are many ways that people can steal our identity. One, many people don't own a shredder. Use it. And second, be carefull about who and where you place your information.

KJ Anderson III

There are five areas of identity theft:
1. Drivers Lic.
2. Social Security
3. Medical
4. Character or Criminal
5. Finacial

Unless the program you implement provides protection and education in all five then you are not complying with the rule. As a CITRMS ( I love the rule. I think that if businesses begin to actually educate themselves on what identity theft actually is it will assist in reducing the horrible effect this epidemic is having on consumers. If anyone would like a detailed description on what identity theft is then vist my website at


Or we could all just get credit freezes and not worry about it. For credit related stuff anyway.

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