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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Henry Switzer

Gift credit cards are becoming the latest and greatest of all gifts, with visa gift cards being one of the most popular. They are taking the place of money and other forms of gifts everywhere, giving the gift giver, peace of mind and the recipient more freedom of choice. Traditionally, money was the choice gift. After all who didn't like to receive money instead of a gift, they knew they would enjoy it. Gift credit cards, particularly visa gift cards fit this need.

Jeremy Duffy

Yup. It's about time. I'm guessing after 39 states implemented freeze laws, the credit companies figured they'd better preemptively offer freezes before the rest of the states forced them to do it on worse (for them) terms. It's a good start, but the states should make them cut the fees and require faster and simpler unfreeze procedures.

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