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Thursday, February 07, 2008


Truck Salvage Parts

We offer 6 month and 1 year parts warranty with a lifetime parts warranty with fixed labor guarantee.


and what about the perfectly fine cars that were sent to the junkyard? there are many out there with titles that say salvage/rebuilt/junk that were fixed perfectly or in some cases never were broken but still has the stigma of a branded title!
a federal safety inspection requirement would be 10x more useful and beneficial than this joke of a lawsuit that is going to burden our already overburdened court system.

used cars

I believe that consumers have a right to know the history of their salvaged vehicles and cannot understand why Congress doesn't. I hope that we continue to push this bill until they give.

Ernest A. Wisniewski

A good place to start would be to subpoena all the records of salvage yards all across the country.

Look at the police books or records as to which cars were dismantled and parts sold off of them. Look at cars being sold whole as builders. If it went to the salvage yard it was a total loss.

Another way to obtain information is to get public records of all the licensed rebuilders at the auto auctions and see what they are buying. You will have all the VIN's you need to contact the buyers.

Good luck, this was long over due.

Your lawsuit will help the consumers as well as the national economy, because vehicle manufactures will be back in business, building replacement vehicles, if the junks stay in the junk yards.


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