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Friday, February 15, 2008



Good point I thought.


I am an avid consumer of lots of things. I spend a great deal of time on researching products from Walmart and looking for them on the web and comparing them. I am a big fan of Walmart online because they have way cooler stuff online than in the store in my town. I ordered a tapeless Sony camcorder from walmart online and I paid with shipping included, the same price as it was listed for in the store across town. I am a huge fan. I would invest in that store if I had the resources. It is the only place in my town where I can get deals on a variety of all my favorite things related to electronics. I just wish they had a larger selection of many of the types of things they sell. I problem I see as a consumer, and being one who is a pre-law student(in reference to consumer law being taught at law schools) you might be in Walmart one week and they'll have a display of some new thing and you
ll say to yourself, "I will buy one of those widgets next month when I have the money", and sure enough it won't be there next month because it didn't sell good enough, or the supply wasn't stable and they were just trying to get rid of an item in short term sales strategy.

michael webster

Law reviews are not meant to assist or educate the reasonable person.

For example, in my field, there is a huge disconnect between what the average franchisee reads about franchising and any scholarly article -with a few exceptions.

What I have planned to do, and this maybe of some interest to you, is to take major Law Article review and turn it into a multi-author blog. The intention is to keep the scholarly side up to date, but also dialogue between the scholars and those effected by franchise regulation.


This is an interesting piece. Can you get it cross-posted on some of the general legal academic blogs?

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