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Monday, March 17, 2008


Ashis  R. Ghosh

Professor Robert B. Reich's book 'Supercapitalism' is a unique book for the present time US citizens. I hope the book will help in implementing the citizens' democratic rights and freedom. I am writing a few lines to express my understanding of the book.
The consumer-investor half of people is presently evident in the economy, but citizen half with democratic rights are yet to be established in USA.
I can see from the experience how in the name of free trade a US citizen’s democratic rights are stampeded under the Citizen Corporate and non Citizen Corporate executives’ alliance ( the implication is much deeper and harmful). Presently it is almost impossible for sincere employees to carry on their duties responsibly and against corruption for the good of the economy and for the future benefit of people on planet earth.
The book elaborates about free trade with China and India for corporate profit. At the same time it also draws a picture of regulatory laws for social responsibility of saving the planet earth.
The companies have to follow the regulations to sell their products to EU countries (most stringent regulations) and in USA (comparatively less stringent regulations) and to other countries that follow the regulations to some extent. The question arises how much equipped are China (specially in manufacturing) and India to handle the compliance part of the manufactured products. Is outsourcing of manufacturing at stake? Is the investors and Consumers half of people going to shrink for the near future and can it find an alley out of the situation soon?

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