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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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Restaurants, with 20 or more outlets, must provide fast food calories news for consumers. The new health care law also requires information on how much a person should consume in one day.

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It's great the calorie law is imposed. Fast food companies have gotten away with it for too long.

About time consumers know what they are eating...I mean the actual calorie content of the food. That example you gave in the post just goes to show that convenience food-wise comes at a price which may affect your health in the long run. I have always believed in calorie counting and for me its a way of life.

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Great post! I find that drinking plenty of water every day helps to keep hunger down and I have an easier time later in the afternoon when I do my cardio.

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I am so glad they are requiring the calorie count of fast food posted now. So many americans are suffering for obesity each day and having this information available to consumers give them the power to make better food choices for a healthy well being.

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