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Tuesday, May 13, 2008



AAA Arbitration NO BUTS OR IF ANDs about it Violations of Conspiracy, Fraud, Corruption, Perjury,Unjust Enrichment, victimizing Victims, Awarding Criminal Behavior, Non-Profit B.S. This is not the AAA from 1920's through 1980's. This is the trashing the Constitution, in spite of the law and if caught cry immunity AAA. Like identity theft AAA uses the older 1920-80 AAAs Honor as if they have the same Honor. All B.S. Look for your self The Oath. It is impossible for one to lose ones Constitutional Right. Only by Fraud, Corruption, Perjury, Conspiracy and many more.. Investigate and Charge Martha Stewart while looking the other way when All America even the died who protected ones right get trashed. It time to throw the bums out. Eye to Eye --Law to Law -- Unjust lawmakers and AAA have lost the protection of Immunity long ago. That is according to the Law. Prove me wrong and I will show you a liar
Oath of Office;
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter:
So help me God

Joseph Gulotta

No Attorney dare fight against AAA. Learning the law in detail the past few years has been very disturbing. Learning the very one taking the oath to uphold the law care so little to fight to uphold the law. Look for yourself if one would be prosecuted for breaking the oath as they did to Martha Stewart much corruption would be eliminated. No lawmaker would dare spout off false allegations. But lawmakers constantly spout off false allegations. Lawmakers use the perception of immunity. It is just perception. Look how far the willingness can go. Willing to point breach of contract and use date not even on contract. A date months after the job was to be started and completed. Willing too accuse the victim of benefiting from a criminal that took more than $37,000.00 Willing to AWARD the criminal $5,000.00 a unjust award. AAA willingly knowingly maliciously stating no responsibility to victims but willing to let more and more people be victimised. Ask AAA about Honor, Respect, truth and justice. Has the Fee been paid? Go to ---. We have immunity.


AAA Client plead GUILTY to HOME REPAIR FRAUD AAA maliciously slanders Victims/Single Father, 4 and 9 year old then making victims pay AAA client/Contractor Guilty of Home Repair Fraud $5,000.00 plus AAA arbitration fees. Yes AAA makes the victims pay $5,000.00 to AAA/client the criminal plus arbitration fees. AAA false statement also used against THE STATE OF ILLINOIS Winnebago County States Attorneys Office to get AAA/clients indictment charges dropped. Even with AAA fraud statement maliciously slandering single father ,4 and 9 year old was not enough Father has overwhelming amount of evidence also full investigation by one of the top 20 in the fortune 500 which will back father 100% on fraud charges. All based on facts. AAA/client PLEAD GUILTY TO HOME REPAIR FRAUD. FACT PROVE AAA MALICIOUSLY used award to give perception that father breached contract and benefited to award AAA/client $5,000.00 nominal Damages Both AAA and client profit from victim. Full story more malicious then one would make up. AAA award 5/12/2006 AAA denied all father request and complaints telling father NO ATTORNEY DARE FIGHT AGAINST AAA. Father has been fighting alone since 5/12/2006 and has been able to get Full Investigation ,Warrant issued, charges, 2nd investigation indictment and on 5/5/2008 A plea of Guilty by Indictment from AAA/client for Home Repair Fraud.. [Winnebago County Illinois Court Case 2007 CF 01469] Overwhelming facts. NO BUT ANDS OR IF ABOUT IT. Family lost over $37,000.00, B Better living conditions, been Falsely Accused, Family Name Slandered and had to Pay AAA fees and AAA client Guilty of Criminal/fraud $5,000.00 Father will now fight against Goliath
Also AAA gives the perception their are laws powering them above the U.S. Constitution. Ask any law maker, Did they take an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution? Yes. Have they signed any statement or laws giving AAA Arbitration power over the Contribution? If Yes Then they have committed a crime fare worst than Martha Stewart ever did and need to be charged with perjury. That law is not valid under the oath they took. Law makers who disrespect their positions and disrespected the one who died to stop this very thing. One Last thing since in the last three years the percent I paid for children schooling and donation to what I have made working is far greater than what AAA has even come close than I will start filling as non-profit. AAA cannot hold up to the very Rules, Oath, Ethics they boldly boast about. I fight with truth and facts. 1-144,000

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