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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Credit Repair Services

i think building a house must be a good quality..the contractor should be blamed..

Credit Repair Services

What really happened why this couple filed the case? What is lacking on their house building?

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Sounds complicating!! Why can't people just own up to their mistakes??

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Well, DeVries allegedly destroyed the evidence after being told in writing that the award would be appealed, and after DeVries had promised to safeguard the evidence.

James Ferris

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Sounds complicating!! Why can't people just own up to their mistakes??

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All I know is the property was never purchased, due to
financing problems. The architect knew about the
project trying to get financing.


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Thanks for this news, the motion for contempt was argued and the trial court requested supplemental briefing, which has been completed and we are awaiting a ruling.

James Ferris

Gerry Hummell

Now that they are out of the construction business, CAS is currently owned by the big real estate companies. In our case, Edina Realty overstated the residential home square footage by 600 sq ft, closed the MLS listing to make it look like it had been taken off the market, yet Richard Beens ignored all of our evidence and ruled in favor of his good buddy from Edina Realty. He didn't even try to hide his cozy relationship with their attorney, Standford Hill

Lessons Learned: 1) Do not use Edina Realty. They own the Twin Cities and they have an army of lawyers whose sole purpose is to run you over 2) If you have a case coming before the highly-corrupted CAS, drop it, they have already been bought by the likes of Edina Realty and you cannot get justice.

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Really interesting thanks for sharing :)

fair reporting

As in almost every case but more importantly in this case it should be noted that not all the facts have not been disclosed and not all comments are accurate. There are mis-statements and mis-representations made by this article.

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It's so rare to see cases of arbitrator that allegedly destroys evidence. I hope the contempt proceeding will resume on November.


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Great Post, Thank for sharing

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there should be a more strict law against those who destroy evidence

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I think houses should be made with good quality.

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Great Post, Thanks for Sharing

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