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Friday, September 12, 2008


Spam name deleted

I used Jones Day's name (because I am writing about that firm) and linked to Jones Day’s web site and elsewhere. Is Public Citizen equally liable for trademark infringement and dilution? If Jones Day is right here, it is hard to see how the Web could survive.

Japanese phrases

For some reason this doesn't surprise me. It seems to often now that courts are used to try and break laws.

Egy Azziera

This lawsuit basically alleges the internet shouldn't be allowed to operate. After all, these "links" might confuse people, and linking to things people make available to the public on the internet should be as strictly controlled as possible, right? Of course not. That's why this case was described as a "new entry in the contest for 'grossest abuse of trademark law to suppress speech the plaintiff doesn't like.'"

[spam name deleted]

The link is in connection with a comment on Jones Day; when a trademark is used to comment on the trademark holder, the use reinforces the association with the trademark holder, rather than blurring it, and besides use for commentary is expressly protected as fair use under the Lanham Act as amended in 2006.

Dennis Goedegebuure

@Pankajkumar Patel
Any chance you can share which websites or story the suet is about?


If linking to Jones Day is trademark dilution, then perhaps we could all help strengthen their mark by linking the words "Jones Day" to something else.

I'm thinking the Church of Scientology, which they seem to have much in common with.

Pankajkumar Patel

Jones Day did not stop there. An interesting fact that you may be unaware of is that I started a court case against Jones Day in the UK for groundless threats of infringement proceedings to stop their bullying, harassment etc. That case was started prior to them filing in the US, which they should not have done given the fact that there already existed a court case between the parties. A judgement obtained in the United States is not enforceable in the UK as the two countries have no reciprocal agreement. That however did not stop Jones Day from continuously using that order in the UK against hosting companies in order to get my website turned off. They tried to get my domain names but I still own them. My case against them which was in the UK is now in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. They picked on the wrong person. I'll never let them go until I get justice. They are thieves and liars out and out and I dare them to sue me in the UK for libel. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to defend myself in a libel case brought by them. Here kitty, kitty, kitty, come on take me on now if you dare, I didn't know the law at that time, I only knew I was right, now try me, you are a multi billion dollar law firm aren't you? so what the f**k are you doing running from a litigant in person. Pussies!

Give it up, unless your'e RICH!!

The United States is becoming a piss-pot of the rich vs. the working poor slaves. Hopefully, terrorists will blast some of the financial centers of the U.S. and the rich will be cast down from their artificial ivory towers to scrap it out for meager earnings along with everybody else.

Arye Sachs

My previous comment had a link that will note open. please use this:



Arye Sachs

Arye Sachs

My name is Arye Sachs and I have a hobby turning in to a business (www.JetAngel.Com) I am being run-over by

Yesterday I was at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York to object a temporary restraining order and an order to show cause for a preliminary injunction with respect to Pfizer's claim of me unauthorized and unlawful uses of Pfizer's VIAGRA and VIVA VIAGRA marks on my missiles which I claim are free speech / expression.

Here is my reply to their original letter. It is a bit harsh but I am not an attorney and let myself go a bit...(http://www.jetangel.com/data/PitBull3.doc)

Can anyone help me with direction to find cases similar to this where it was declared a free speech?


Arye Sachs

West Coast Guy

I hope

Bosley Medical Institute, Inc. v. Kremer



may be of partial help. Let's hope that Stanford's Professor Lessig and EFF take a pro bono interest in this matter.


Jones Day is evidently taking the biggest crap they can on our beloved (by some of us, at least) Constitution.


hit these suckers with a SLAPP suit, this is the perfect opportunity. That or let the EFF know and watch them help defend.

Marc J. Randazza

This is shameful on Jones Day's part. Why is it that law schools don't teach better ethics, and why is it that state bars don't enforce them more forcefully?

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