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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

This is an all to important message that we all need to be aware of. I know that i am also guilty of not paying my credit card on time...


I know its important to make credit card payments on time but sometimes finances are just too tight. I hate when your just a couple days late and they charge you interest like crazy!! not to mention what it does to credit scores! I've been trying to educate myself on the subject and I found your blog to be VERY helpful. another helpful website I've found is:
It has a lot of information that has been very helpful to me in this time and I hope it helps others too!!


I think reigning in the credit card companies is positive step.

What has concerned is the lack of "security" in the system. Since I kicked up my research I was shocked to learn that the non-bank owned entities including credit card companies, collection agencies, the credit reporting agencies, etc. that handle our personal information such as you social, financial information, bank account info, etc.

Look at the bill collector in Buffalo who was caught last Fall stealing debit card accounts for personal gain.

What happens when a bank KNOWINGLY sends your personal information to a third party who does not do background checks, fingerprinting, or have any other security in place. What about the unscrupulous third party agencies and junk debt buyers that violate every law in the book.

I could go on and on with examples, people who have interviewed that have horror stories of information being LOST by the CRA's and debt collectors unscrupulous acts.

Even though it is several issues CRA's/Debt Collection/non-bank lenders, there should be a blanket law to require employers to do background checks and fingerprinting as a part of their licensing/bonding procedures. It runs $10 for fingerprinting at the local police station and various firms do background checks for employers that are cost effective running $15-20 on average.


Great articles. The nudge may not be hard enough for consumers to pay the ccd bills. That is always the last to pay unfortunately. But for the industry they anticpate that - don't they?

Credit Help

Hey, nice job on the blog here. Some good ideas. Keep up the good work....

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