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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Commercial firm

Thats a very nice article I have come across.I totally agree with Laura Lee's word That it doesn't A company should have to rely on copyright to remove a video that is slanderous.There should be remedies besides copyright.Anyway Thanks a lot for sharing.Keep it up.

Laura Lee

It doesn't seem as though a company should have to rely on copyright to remove a video that is slanderous. There should be remedies besides copyright. I have read many of the comments about the video, things like "I will never eat at Dominos again." This is not a case of a video that is offering a fair commentary or criticism of an organization which would have news value. I worked at Dominos for many years, and still used to enjoy the food even after so many years of eating it. I have witnessed many many staff members preparing food and never saw anything remotely like that video. Yet while I believe the food is safe intellectually, the content was so disgusting and the association with the Domino's brand so strong that the thought of the food right now makes even me gag. So there should be some kind of protection for a company against this sort of torpedoing without making a copyright infringement argument.

Paul Levy

Nice try, but inconsistent with both the law and the facts. The Times article says the takedown was by Hammonds, not Dominos, and correspondence with the Times reporter confirmed that. Moreover, to be a work for hire, Hammonds being on the clock would not be enough for Domino's to claim ownership. The video must have been made "by an employee within the scope of his or her employment." Somehow, I doubt that.

Andrew Breza

Because the videos were apparently made while the "team members" were on the clock, Dominos could easily claim that they own the rights to them. For example, my employer explicitly states that they claim ownership over everything I make while at work.

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