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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Jagriti Mishra

Good News. Something long overdue. We the outsourcing professionals in Indian were equally in trouble while assisting US Debt Collection attorneys in preparing the memorandum for motion to vacate a NAF award. Although we all knew that the NAF was generating monies by passing arbitral award in favor of Debt Collectors and Original Creditors. It was difficult to back it in the memo. Thanks AG.


This is great news! I greatly commend all your efforts!
If I were an arbitration company for banks I'd get out too.
There's no more money in it for them is there?
Besides crisis wants to be associated to the ones who caused our current ecnomic crisis?

Too many tax payers know this debt is toxic.
Tax payers bailed the banks out, paying many off these debts.
If the tax payer paid these debts, then debt no longer exsists.
Therefore arbitrators or debt collectors should not collect them.

Surely the arbitration companies have came to this is this realization.

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