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Thursday, July 30, 2009


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Does the health care reform bill allow federal funding for abortion?
Or any other type of funding for abortion?

Dammit, I have been looking all over the internet for solid information about this bill and all I encounter are a million contradictions!

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After health care reform gets passed, what will be the next issue cons will whine about?

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Will it be easier to become a doctor after health care reform?
I might apply to medical school in a couple years and am wondering if they will increase the rate of admissions to compensate for the physician shortage that will result from an influx of millions of new government-insured patients at the advent of health care reform.

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How congress and president keep their check and balance with the health care reform?
Please help me!! I do not know anything about what is happening right know with the health care reform! Does they are having any obstable with the check and balances?

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What would you choose - going on vacation or passing health care reform?
That is the choice facing the House of Representatives, who are nearing a vote on historic health reform legislation but are scheduled to go on vacation at the end of next week.

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will they also disclose the of list of ADDITIVES and PRESERVATIVES that went in to the making of the FOOD?

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