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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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The credit card companies are changing the rules as we have known it today. It's a scary time for many.

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Unfortunately, this is an attorney general that has been slammed (and hard) for busting a union in her office. The Minnesota Legislative Auditor confirmed last year that she had ordered attorneys to falsify affidavits, file meritless lawsuits for good press, etc. She's a bad apple, and while I'm no fan of NAF, I think it's unfortunate that progressives are willing to turn a blind eye to the awful things that Lori Swanson has done in her office just because we dislike NAF. NAF is terrible, but Lori Swanson has shown that her tactics aren't any better.

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Well good. I hope they get them to change their practices.


This is great news, I hope the MN AG succeeds. Next I'd like to see Construction Arbitration Services (CAS) taken to task the same way. CAS is to housing disputes what NAF is to credit card disputes. Public Citizen has exposed them at least twice for bias and more, most recently of course in Home Court Advantage, on This is a report I highly recommend, and it's a travesty it and reports like it never seem to make it to mainstream news. If these stories were on national TV news the public would not be so in the dark about the danger of private arbitration run by unethical corporations and the arbitrators they are in bed with.

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