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Friday, August 21, 2009


Carol Budro

I see no problem in federal court records being available to all.
Alterations and fraud will always be with us, we should fear more the US fed courts fraud.
I know from personal experience that fed courts , all the way to the US Supreme Court, follows the word of law ‘only’ for the convenience of business profits.
Secrets in governments and closed court documents are what we need fear, wars could not exists if the populace knew all events.

Veronica B does offer all federal dockets 100% free. Expect to see lot of ads. No documents\pdfs yet. It looks like they relaxed the sign up requirements for personal use also.



From your recent update it appears I was right and this blog post is an over-reaction. There were no scare tactics.


Paul Levy

Matt, if the warning were confined to the points that you raise, I might agree with you. But I take the following sentence differently:

Please be aware that RECAP is “open-source” software, which means it can be freely obtained by anyone with Internet access and could possibly be modified for benign or malicious purposes.


These are hardly scare tactics. What they say is true and was already discussed at length on Slashdot and at RECAP's on web site in the blog entry titled "The Blogosphere Weighs in on RECAP." Their advice about taking caution of making sealed documents publicly available sounds like good advice. This whole article seems to be overreacting.


I received the same warning from another district court. I suspect that it is being sent out by all of them.

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