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Monday, September 07, 2009


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On that theory, manufacturers should be able to stuff foods with fiber, vitamins, and cyanide and call it a smart choice.

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las vitaminas son suplemento para una vida sana... siempre hay que consumirlas

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In the developed world, smoking bans have had their effect, and tobacco smoking adults are declining, though still an issue for children (passive smoking and teenage smokers) and for all ages in Eastern Europe. But there are high rates of tobacco use in countries such as China and India, as well as concerns that tobacco use may take root in Africa. Projected figures for 2030 are 6 million annual tobacco-related deaths in developing countries, 80% of the world total. $375 million dollars from the Bloomberg & Gates Foundations have been committed over the next five years to address this, working to implement proven tobacco-control strategies.

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Vitamins are essential for the normal growth and development of a multicellular organism. Using the genetic blueprint inherited from its parents, a fetus begins to develop, at the moment of conception, from the nutrients it absorbs. It requires certain vitamins and minerals to be present at certain times. These nutrients facilitate the chemical reactions that produce among other things, skin, bone, and muscle. Interesting post because many people ignore this information so important
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A vitamin is an organic compound required as a nutrient in tiny amounts by an organism. The term 'vitamin' first became popular in the early 1800's as a contraction of the words 'vital' and 'mineral', though the actual meaning of the word has developed somewhat since that time. A compound is called a vitamin when it cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities by an organism, and must be obtained from the diet. Thus, the term is conditional both on the circumstances and the particular organism. For example, ascorbic acid functions as vitamin C for some animals but not others, and vitamins D and K are required in the human diet only in certain circumstances. The term vitamin does not include other essential nutrients such as dietary minerals, essential fatty acids, or essential amino acids, nor does it encompass the large number of other nutrients that promote health but are otherwise required less often.thanks again

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yeah...I was one of those kids in their briefs on Saturday morning with a box of Fruit Loops...

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