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Thursday, December 10, 2009



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Al S Louis

It seems the Big Banks like Wells Fargo would rather see people foreclose instead of offering help under the HAMP program. I am waiting 9 months now for help, and no end in sight.

Anna Bradley

I've tried every which way to Sunday to modify my under water loan with Bank of America. With every combination of "income" I've stated and even trying to put the house up as a rental property, so I can move to a less expensive place, I have still gotten no help. The opperators are indifferent about helping and sound resentful when trying to help customers. I have written my congress man who refers me to HOPE NOW web sites. Big woop. It's like they are forcing me to walk the short sell plank. My home is worth a 1/4 of what I still owe on the mortgage- even after my years of remodeling the house. So, do I follow the trend and rape my own house just befor the foreclouser? I'd rather not haul out the new toilet and sink, but I will if I'm pushed.
Banks are being short sited and inflexible distroying communities and peoples lives - emotionally and finacially.
What's it gonna take to wake up the banks and the government to inforce some humanity? A suicide bomber in the branch office? I'm about there...


I have heard nightmare stories about HAMP borrowers falling into foreclosure, attempting to proceed with the modification, and then getting foreclosed upon. I honestly can't be sure I would recommend a modification - at least not with out a qualified written request first issued.

What I don't get is what game the banks are playing... ...why won't they modify these loans?


I am currently going through this HAMP nightmare with Wells Fargo. After completing a 3 month trial period I have now received notice that unless I pay all past due amounts by 1/5/10 WF will accelerate my loan note and moved toward foreclosure. I can't find anybody or any agency to do anything but refer to somebody else or take a complaint . Is there any Class Action suit I can join re: unfair and deceptive collection practices, ruining my credit while I follow their rules, etc.?

Anonymous Joe

Notice that there are ZERO permanent mods for Countrywide, which is not combined with Bank of America in the statistics.


It's not surprising there are so few modifications. First, you usually will make either too much money or too little money to qualify for the program. Secondly, and perhaps more important, the average modification results in a loan that is equal to 136% of the fair market value of the house. For the homeowner, this is a toxic mortgage. It means you can't sell the house for years without getting a lender's short sale approval, and good luck with that.

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