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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Ron Stone

I was a mortgege loan officer until the banks had the government put us out of business my making us follow a different set of rules. During those years ( many of which were before the housing crash), I saw one family after another's credit (and chance of home ownership) destroyed by medical bills. People's homes are the current victim. What's next?

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Am I the only person who has put together that the current mortgage & foreclosures crisis that our WHOLE nation is seeing is the fault of the current administration bankruptcy reform?

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Michigan Refinancing

Maybe the healthcare bill that has recently passed will reduce the occurances of foreclosure from health issues.

The currrent issue is the record number of strategic defaults.


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A legal proposal for staying foreclosure proceedings during verifiable medical crises, as a way to protect homeowners and to minimize the negative externalities of foreclosure.

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