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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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Jessica Rodriguez

Well i think the effort of Obama to prevent a collapse of the Mortgage bussiness is have to be cheer, but the system do not help to much. I work with Hamp everyday and there always a mess especially in the Hamp Reporting portal they change things with updates and more updates and its is complicated when we have to calculate the front and back ratio and now the 0.5 % but if we see the other side we have to understand that this is a whole new program .We are learning by doing im so glad to have the opportunity to learn this and help a lot of homeowner to prevent foreclosure and keeping their homes, their dreams and their happiness


Some advice to those qualifying for a forebearance (3 month trial payment at slighly reduced payment). Do Not!!! I repeat Do Not!!! give your lender any money until you recieve something in writing that will permantly modify your loan. And when I say modify I don't mean tacking on the delinquent amount owed to the loan at a slightly reduced interest for a short-term. That is not a deal to the home owner. I am just one home owner, but I can stand-up to Wall Street by not giving my servicer anymore money until they negotiate with me "in good faith" or take my home. I am prepared for either result.


Another reason govt should've either took over BofA or just let them burn......between reading they've only done 3200 permanent loan mods and the $3 billion bonus payout to Merrill why aren't they throwing some people in jail??? They're also one of the worst to deal with on short sales......let them burn!!

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Dave in Phoenix AZ

The problem is Treasury/Obama have no power to do more other than the reporting to shame the banks and minor refinements.

The problem there is no enforcement provision. HAMP is not a law but forced upon banks that took TARP funds as part of the funding agreement. Now most have paid back the funds at a huge profit to TARP and the Treasury.

Congress needs to pass a HAMP law. HAMP is a great problem IF it was followed and instead of the usual 6-7+ of "3 month trials" servicers are finding or dreaming up all sorts of reasons to deny that are not part of the HAMP requirements.

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