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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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George rosenberg

There are several low interest debt settlement companies that assist debtors to settle the debt within the time frame.


If the CFPB really contains the preemption language then the bill is terrible and I hope it never passes. The devil is in the details is the old saying and it pertains here. The OCC will preempt all state laws on consumer protection as soon as the press spotlight goes elsewhere and the financial industry co-opts the new head or his or her successor. That means that all consumer lawsuits will have to go to federal court where they will die a miserable death at the hands of the silk-stocking federal bench. What a shame. Lets see, get rid of 50 pesky state legislatures and we only have to worry about one person at OCC who has worked or will work for the big banks.

Split Cents

It seems like this software approach is due some beta testing: consumer advocates could always round up a handful of defendants, get them to start filing responses to complaints, asserting defenses, taking discovery, challenging entries of default and default judgments for lack of service, etc.

Not saying debtors should use courts to avoid paying, but the recent FTC report read along side the NY Times article seems to suggest that they often simply default. Just because you owe money, doesn’t mean you can’t at least respond to the complaint… Debt collection firms often make mistakes as well!

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