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Wednesday, July 14, 2010



Paul Alan Levy,

Thank you for the tremendous work that your colleagues at Public Citizen perform daily in the protection of so many “lost American values and rights.

In these most volatile of times when the political machine of corporate domination seems to pervade every aspect of our lives with the “if we can’t have it our way, we will simply destroy all that we can in the process” , We The [little] people need a safe harbor to express our views, build movements and most importantly challenge those forces that would most surely steal our liberty if left unchecked.

My best regards,

Rob Delsman

Shawn Mosch

This article hits close to home for me. I am the co-founder of Scam Victims United, and we allow people to speak about scams and fraud on our website, and they will often name the people who are involved in these cases. Right now we have a heated topic about a company going on between people who state that they have contracts with this company, which I will not name here. A lawyer representing one of the principle members of this company has contacted us asking us to take down all information about his client and the company.

Freedom of speech is not so "free" when you are looking at legal fees to defend it.

Shawn Mosch
Co-Founder of Scam Victims United

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