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Saturday, August 13, 2011



I think it's very good for me. thanks for your sharing.


Your analysis is "spot-on". GOP senators want control of everything. The phrase "Doesn't play well with others" comes to mind.

There is a single-minded determination to stop this Administration from achieving any of the programs, policies, changes it seeks. Unfortunately, the financial crisis, which "no one" predicted, put the President and the country on the defensive. Congress did not have to follow the rules beause the financial markets made them all secondary to economic survival, nationally and internationally.

The fact that the tactics being used by the GOP may lead us to a true double-dip recession or even a world depression is lost on the ideologues. There is no room for compromise; there is only "The Answer" and they have it. Think Palin, Bachmann, Perry, & Hucklebee. The other side, the Dems, are so placid in contrast - it's like they do not know how to stand up for their beliefs anymore.

Nothing was gained by not appointing Eliz. Warren to the CFPB, unless she can beat Sen. Scott Brown, here in MA. Recess appointment - so what? The worst the GOP block could have done is voted en banc in one direction. It certainly appears that is where we are now!

I firmly believe we are at a true turning point. Ideology aside, we have a massive financial crisis which cannot be managed by consensus. Even in the best of times, the delay in building the agreements can be deadly. Just look at the fiasco over the debt-ceiling and the world-wide reprecussions; further crisis in the EU and a loss of the rest of our credibility in EU, China and Russia.

Your words: "Only the Senators know what their motivations are, but when the evidence of pretext is so strong, it is difficult to resist more cynical conclusions." I cannot resist those conclusions.

Richard Isacoff

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