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Friday, August 12, 2011


Rich Gienopie

Have you seen his latest work?


"I hope that was a lame attempt at humor."

How dare you say that. I just recounted yesterday, but I guess five is a large number. http://twitter.com/#!/ArthurAlanWolk

Lest you think I lamely jest, my ambivalence about having a male TSA agent fondle my package is also true, so do not slander me with your thoughts. http://arthurwolk.blogspot.com/2010/11/arthur-alan-wolk-commentary-tsa-has-its.html

My name shall be revered, so I'm warning you not to associate it with that damn dirty ape from Star Trek or you'll be sorry. I demand an apology now, or I hope your insurance is up-to-date.

Sir Arthur Alan Wolk, Esquired

Arthur Alan Wolk is a Nut Job


"I also know everything about the web. I've got a Facebook page and I've sent out 5 Tweets." I hope that was a lame attempt at humor.

You are a bully and the profession would be better without you in it.

The only thing I've learned from your rants is never hire Arthur Alan Wolk, he looks like a total nut job.


I know perfectly well how libel lawsuits work. I sue you and you have to waste time and money defending or you can just listen to me to begin with. I can stretch a lawsuit for this kind of nonsense out for years. If I have to, I'll sue the whole goddamn internet to get you assholes to quit talking about me. In fact I was thinking of hiring this young fellow, Joseph Rakofsky, who told me he knows everything there is to know about suing trash talkers.

There is no downside for me. I've been suing for defamation since before you were a blogger. I've even blogged since 1994 - although I eased up in 2010 to enjoy my vast . . . err, to help my thousands of children and orphans and widows get the compensation they're due. I know how easy it is to talk shit about someone else in a blog because I used to do it all of the time.

I also know everything about the web. I've got a Facebook page and I've sent out 5 Tweets.

Ask my former insurance company whom I've sued twice for talking shit about me and costing me more money in insurance premiums. That litigation is still going on after five years and I've already been through the appeals process once. I did however lose the defamation part of the suit because I filed past that goddamn one year statute of limitations. I couldn't use the same lame excuse that I used in Olson's case (http://tiny.tw/8sQ). But it doesn't matter since I've tied them all up in litigation for years.

Hell, in 1996 when I crashed my rare Korean war era jet in Kalamazoo, MI - it went off the end of the runway - and the NTSB said I caused the accident. I sued them. http://tiny.tw/8t8

I sued Teledyne - I'm not afraid of the Terminator either - and five other defendants who were saying stuff that a judge had said I did that they shouldn't have said. I can't tell you what they said (but it rhymes with mitigation obtuse) because I had asked District Court Judge Julie Carnes to reconsider that order as I had worked out a settlement for some orphans and widows and she went and sealed it. http://tiny.tw/8sN

Because Judge Carnes had stated in the now sealed order that I had done something wrong, I pursued her impeachment. I know she's against me because she was appointed by G. H. W. Bush.

I also sued the USA because the FBI refused to turn over Judge Carnes' investigative file that they make for anyone being considered for a district judge.

I've also been encouraging Congress to pass some legislation that is called "The Carnes Bill," which would create certain procedures to review the conduct of federal judges.

I also filed a confidential proceeding with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding Judge Carnes bias against me because of some of the motions she denied (I had also asked her to recuse herself).

I was also writing a book entitled "The Judge," which is "about the corruption of power that is possible for a federal judge and how the system is designed to overlook the predilection to engage in such conduct, the subject being the litany of personal attacks by Judge Carnes on a man even she admits apparently was not the lawyer handling the case." http://tiny.tw/8sY

I'm debating whether to sue the USA for setting up that stupid 9/11 victim's fund. Not having all of that litigation cost me many millions of dollars. The terrorists won since I was unable to collect any contingency money on those claims.

Whatever you do, don't write what I said on my blog about my privates being groped by the TSA and me not knowing whether to be happy or sad.

So you see, I'm not afraid of dragging anyone that says anything bad about me to court and suing the pants off them, but if you grab my privates I'm ambivalent. You can't say I didn't warn you.

-Arthur Alan Wolk

P.S. Do you know what Barbara Streisand's house looks like?

Gloria Grening Wolk

It riles me that he has the same last name as the one I added through marriage. But we have nothing to do with each other (thank goodness), other than the infamy he is creating for the name.

I am in complete sympathy with all who he accuses since I've been the false victim of similar suits designed to shut me up. In my case, most of those who filed these lawsuits against me are either in federal prison or defending against criminal charges, or sweating out the likelihood of a criminal lawsuit.

I read Scott Greenfield's missives every day. He impresses me enormously. And that is saying a great deal because I have become terribly jaded about most lawyers. So, between Paul Levy and Scott Greenfield I have to conclude that the alien (to me) Wolk is not someone I care to know.

Wolk is a Hack

Wolk's first issue was not understanding how the internet works. By filing these idiotic claims and ridiculous threats all the unwise attorney did was be the primary instigator that will leave a permanent legacy online about what a totally mean-spirited and vindictive jerk he has proven himself to be. He brought the fuel and the match to his own stake burning.

His own actions have eroded the good reputation he may have developed suing propeller manufactures and helping orphans and widows. He's proven to be an illogical opponent and the next time I go up against him I now know the buttons to push to get him crazed with idiotic logic so I can nail him in court.

Even his own attorneys at his firm have said they want to run for cover and steer clear of this defective aircraft known as "The Wolk" which has just had an instrument panel failure and is about to auger in taking their reputations with him.

Thankfully we have people like Public Citizen, Scott Greenfield and Techdirt who are willing to stand up against the Wolk playground bullies of this world. And that's the way it should be.

Wolk is acting like a crazed child who needs a timeout and to repeat the last year of school in order to take internet criticism 101 over again. He obviously failed that class. His recent actions make me ashamed he's a member of our profession.

What would be interesting would be if we applied the many claims he's proffered in cases against defendants over his many years that were stabs in the dark and outright fabrications and applied the same hissy-fit approach he is taking. I'm sure his opposing counsel and defendants didn't like some of the statements he made. I didn't. Would Wolk like for his idiotic ass to be sued by them over that?

I did read Greenfield's piece and I have to agree with his statemet "Unlike Hirschhorn, Wolk sounds terribly sad and pathetic, an old lawyer trying to salvage his dignity in a world he doesn't know or understand, slinging some wild nastiness."

Oh Arthur Allan Wolk, the sad part is this didn't have to be the headstone on your career. You dug your own grave and it was all completely avoidable.

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