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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Bongo Jim

Thanks for your comment sharpshooter. So, if I understand your view, it is sensible not to hire the long-term unemployed whose skills have deteriorated, but not someone out of work for a short period.


Considering the purpose of business is to employ the best candidates available (and not to merely provide jobs), that someone has skills that have deteriorated is one of their concerns.

President Fail has never run even a lemonade stand, so has no clue whatsoever what "makes sense" in hiring.

Here's a dime - buy a clue.

Greg Beck

President Obama is right that discriminating based on joblessness makes "absolutely no sense." In fact, it's such an illogical and counterproductive thing to do that it's kind of hard to believe this could really be a widespread problem. But I guess other forms of discrimination aren't based on logic either.

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