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Monday, January 30, 2012


Paul Levy

How does "Vote Ron Paul" imply that the videographer "[i]s associated with the RP campaign"? How is it "equivalent to a statement that the Ron Paul campaign or Ron Paul himself was responsible for this"?


You don't address the fact that the authors (or uploaders) falsely identified themselves as associated with the RP campaign, equivalent to a statement that the Ron Paul campaign or Ron Paul himself was responsible for this, a direct and defamatory actionable representation.

Strong evidence of defamatory damage is in the immediate denunciations against Ron Paul and his campaign by the Huntsman campaign, plus the repeated and prolonged proliferation of similar denunciations by many media personalities.

I am a strong believer in anonymous commentary, and agree with EFF on this issue, but such blatant and intentional, malicious and false accusation is libelous.

It's obviously not a copyright issue, but withstanding a "motion to dismiss" is not enough to clarify what copyright has to do with this. So what if there was an earlier copyright issue?

If someone identified themselves as Huntsman campaign and said that he wanted us to help Beijing invade the island, that would be actionable seems to me. And accusing RP of same by way of this scam to do damage to RP is also actionable, and caused mesurable damage.

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