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Wednesday, February 01, 2012



ce marking certifications:
CE is a symbol that can be usually seen on products. CE stands for Conformité Européenne which literally means European Conformity.

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Government needs the ability to deter and prevent registration and manipulation of shell companies formed for improper purpose, or for unlawful purpose. That would seem to be common sense in the combat against white collar crime, or against red or blue collar crimes.

Instead, the lax atmosphere created with the LLC and the LLP affords Americans the unique advantage of being able to commit "red, white, and blue" collar crimes with abandon. Surely, this is a consumer protection issue - to prevent fraud under the color of law using the corporate shell as cover, and utility. Since most income now flows through to partners rather than the company, an LLC and LLP membership becomes all of the authority required to commit crimes that society would not otherwise condone, or permit. Regardless of whether taxes are paid on the crimes committed, it is still the condonation and codification of crime, inc. through limited liability arrangements. Of course crime would increase; why wouldn't it?

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