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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Mailing List Brokers

Today, it seems that everybody uses the internet. The reality is that there are great disparities in computer use: Europe, North American and Australia/Oceania are the only areas of the world where internet usage has penetrated about half or more of the population.

ethnicity list

This fact confirms the importance of the notice component of the “Dendrite” test for identifying anonymous speakers. A lawsuit filed yesterday, however, shows the impact that routine disclosure may have.


It is impossible to expect an educated man not to have an opinion about a specific issue. This judge is entitled to his own opinion as long as has the wisdom not to let it interfere with the impartiality of his professional judgement.
If you mean that a judge should share YOUR opinions, then you are equally guilty of intolerance as the man you are now accusing.
It is indeed a difficult balance but this is why judges need to be chosen with care, not bias.
And finally, this was a private communication protected by his right of free speech I presume...

Big Mike

Git rid of him!


This judge should step down and be replaced by an Obama appointee.

Bob mcmanama

Shame on have disgraced your robes and the beautiful state of Montana. You should do the honorable thing and resign. No one can possibly have any faith in you. Judges are required to be impartial. You certainly have shown that you are not. As a judge you have failed.

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