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Friday, March 16, 2012


JacksonWhite Law

It is scary to think what someone could accomplish with the help of social media. I think the best option is to speak with an attorney and see whether or not your state has laws against that type of action.

cash advance company

To my opinion, debt collectors almost never use legal and fair ways to do their job. So I am sure that using facebook and collecting personal information about the borrower is unfair also. They do their job and do not care about the legality of ways they use, it seems that all they care of is a result, when a borrower pays off the debt. I have heard that they use different tactics, such as endless phone calls, threads, intimidation and etc. Anyway, it's not worth to put all the personal information into social networks.

debt management

If any agency would contact me on my loans or bills being late through Facebook, I would just ignore them. It shows the lack of professionalism from their company if that is their first step to collecting their funds. I have been on time with my bills from college and credit card debt with the help of some family and a great debt management company. Hopefully with the upcoming elections, someone can develop a plan to help out this country's debt, and stand by with it.

texas debt collection act

if the friend request is the first communication from the collector, other disclosure requirements come into play.

Debt Collection

Now a days social media sites very useful for grow your business and in latest social media use for debt-collection using facebook. According to me it is very nice idea for debt-collection and also advertisement.

Steven Doyle

Social media is turning out to be a deadly tool in the hands of debt collectors simply because most people tend to compulsively divulge every bit of personal information on social networking sites under the false impression that there exists a safety bubble somewhere within the ToS which is dedicated to protecting them. Even if a debt collector doesn't use a fake profile or publicly post revealing messages on their profile, they can just as well use the platform to gather information like whereabouts of the debtor and track friends and family members. In my opinion, this is a bigger threat than anything that debt collectors have ever posed to consumer rights.

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