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Tuesday, December 04, 2012



Hi Paul,
Any way you can help me. I post as 'lakindo' and am #8. Not sure why I am listed.


I am one of the posters named in the lawsuit----how do I get in touch with you As my name says I am the poster with the name 3AngelsMommy am named second on the second on the suit and don't quite understand why

Pete from Oz

Paul, that's an interesting and helpful post, thank you so much for clarifying what's happened behind the scenes, as it were. As an outsider (non-US citizen) it's been an interesting story to follow, and now it's even more interesting, and bizarre, so your explanations are much appreciated.

There are two points I'd like to mention in regard to your comments about this case.

The first is the admonition to watch what we say online. I'll try to break it to you gently : that's probably not going to happen. The only thing that this ridiculous lawsuit (which is how the rest of the online world pretty much sees this whole legal shenanigans, regardless of how the involved real-life victims feel) will do is drive commenters, and possibly bloggers, to non-US hosting. Then the Mr. and Mrs. Saltsmans of the US will have a much worse time of things, with no possible way of getting back at the commenters.

That's a best-case scenario. Worst case, they'll have to deal with www.codysaltsmanrapedmeandtookphotostoselltomagazines.com and far worse. Look at what happened to Glenn Beck. Hell, look what happened to Marc Randazza himself! And Marc's one of the GOOD guys! No, this is the worst time in the world for self-righteous parents of misogynistic offspring with more money than brains to be telling the internet to "Shutup, just shutup!". Which is how they're seen. (Actually, the majority of folks discussing this are far better human beings than all the Saltsmans, so it's only going to be the idiotic fringe who'll step over the line, but they will do it, sooner or later!).

The martyrs in this whole farce are the blogger and the commenters. There's bugger-all sympathy for the parents. Well, there *was* some sympathy evident for them originally, even when everyone who knew the story realised what kind of a human being their son was (to do "only" what he claimed he'd done). But that's pretty much evaporated, so they're starting out with less genuine sympathy than Hitler has. I suspect they haven't begun to see repercussions, despite how they think they're hard done by now!

The second point I'd like to make, probably obviously, is the bizarre pointlessness of their whole libel suit. Whatever the Saltsman's reasons for going ahead with this, they're not the most clued-up family in the world. I'm hoping their legal counsel has counselled them as to how the real world is seeing their actions. Which is basically, "where there's smoke, there's fire". I can't think of a worse way to disprove Cody's innocence than to show the whole world that they're about as classy as their son was. If there was a way to make people dislike that football team even more, I don't know what it would be.

I wish it were possible to pass on condolences to the victims in this whole mess. That is, the girl at the centre of the whole sordid thing, and the blogger and accused "John Does" now, but I suspect (and hope) support will become more obvious. Actually, it's already obvious, from the legal support some of them have received from good-hearted folks like yourself. I'm fairly certain (though please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) that the Saltsmans are paying for their legal representation.

And I do hope, when the parents realise they've won the battle - and completely lost the war - that they'll shut the hell up and try to make amends for all their terrible decisions and the innocent people they've affected.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of the woodwork, I'm sure you'll agree!

Thanks again!

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