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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


debt collection sydney

A debt collector can’t do these 23 things if he do so then you can tell him about the rules. Collector can’t call you in at your work place but in just a specific time.

Stanley Scheinman

The Bottom Line is SO WHAT? The CFPB
has madE it very clear it WILL not act on behalf of individual consumers subjected to despicable ILLEGAL CONDUCT BY debt collectors, mortgage servicers or Big Banks. The FTC does nothing but collect statistics .
Millions of American families were devastated by Damon and friends.
Where are the 23 things Joe can do? Sorry, he cannot pay a lawyer.Sorry, no Legal Aid . Sorry, the Obama Administration thinks these "settlements" help real people. How out of touch with reality is a White House which does not have one down on the ground business guy to tell the Truth. Mr. Law at Budget would not touch me even though I served in the Kennedy and Reagan Administrations .
Do you read the Foreclosure case blogs, the corruption of judicial precess and judiciary blogs.What does JOE do?


A good list, but they don't note that the FDCPA only applies to debt for household, personal, and consumer purposes. Debt collectors may very well be allowed to do those things if someone defaults on a business loan.

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